Top Reasons Why Touch Free Spa Treatments Can be The Future of Wellness Industry

With the onset of the recent pandemic, the world is experiencing a novel approach towards everything. Fitness, health and wellness industry are introducing automatic spa treatments. People do not need therapists to do messages.

The wellness centers have to take measures to put safe distance At-Home Luxury Night Russian Spa In Mahipalpur Near New Delhi NCR the clients and the staff. As per Beth McGroarty, the Global Wellness Institute’s vice president of research, certain wellness centers are focusing on treatments that can be done with negligible intermediation or without any practitioner. For instance, infrared sauna, float tank, cryotherapy machine, and so on.

Reduction of labor costs:

Most of the wellness centers struggle to meet the high labor cost. The new touch free message technologies have helped in reducing the labor cost. Gradually, more equipments are coming that hardly need any person to operate. Clients can operate the machines themselves.

Presenting some statistics that we have gathered from various reliable sources:

2021 iSpa U.S. Spa Industry Study, recently, has stated that the number of spas has decreased by 3.9%. Unfortunately, the spa industry went through a loss of $7 billion in revenue. The visits to the spas have declined b around 35.1 %. Again, the total employment reduced by 20.6%.

The studies also revealed that after reopening the centers, the treatment times got cut down for letting in cleaning and sanitization. But, the restrictions are slowly easing. The experts are expecting the market of global spa services to reach $180,273 billion by the year 2026.

The New York Times, in the month of August 2020 published a story concerning the way massage therapists were re-evaluating methods to touch the clients remotely. Many of them started teaching people via Zoom how can one do acupressure treatments on self. Besides, there were online meditation and stretch sessions.

Touchless spa systems are gaining popularity:

With the restriction of touches while messaging or doing certain treatments, more people are going for the touchless spa treatments. Again, the sedentary lifestyle infuses toxins in the body, leading to weight gain and other diseases. The touchless spa treatments done solely by machines are the newest and the safest way to get rid of the body toxins and pollutants, and give high-end results. Clients are getting complete satisfaction and repeating the treatments for a refreshed, toned and rejuvenated body as well as mind.

The spa world is initiating programs focusing on overall wellness through fitness, nutrition, natural supplements, relaxation, and meditation. The menu involves energy healing, sound bath, cryo therapy, red light therapy, lymphatic compression massage, and so on. These treatments hardly require any professional to touch the client.

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